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This Is How Our Story Began 

In today's highly vibrant and social interaction dependent world; Personality, Style, Grooming and Communication are critical enablers that pave the way to achieving effortless victories in the many walks of life.

The Urban Edge Academy is launched with an audacious dream of helping people be the best they can be, so that they may effortlessly sail through a business deal, the perfect date, a classy dinner party 

with pure class.


The urban edge academy’s sole aim is to guide you in acquiring the requisite mannerisms and finesse, with absolute ease.

Our Courses

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An unrivalled programme that transforms you into a graceful individual. This course is designed to build overall confidence, basic aspects of modelling and fashion alongside advanced grooming skills. A highly practical course, facilitated by experts from within the industry.

This fast track course is ideal from those on the path of rigorous personal transformation. The course has been meticulously crafted to suit the demanding nature of the fashion and modelling industry. Expect to get genuine insights into your unique skills from industry professionals and experts, followed by nurturing sessions to brighten your future prospects. 

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A Woman in a Boutique

The one month course that caters to teaching the various pattern making and fashion dress designing in a comprehensive manner.

This  course would be useful for anyone looking to acquire the business and technical skills required to setup up a tailoring unit or a boutique.


 Collaborations & Partners 


Shaine Pillai

Fashion Stylist 


Pritham Denzil D'Souza

Ace Photographer


Venu G


Behavioural training facilitator

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Preetham Aloysius D'Souza

Ace Photographer


Grooming & Styling Partner


Grooming & Styling Partner


Fitness Partners